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1.Name: Shea Elizabeth Carley [Sheamond, as some prefer]
2.Age: 14
3.Location: Austin..Represent 4-9.
4.Why are you such a prude, bitch??: I'm not into that whole lets have sex ( can wait?) and take drugs thing.
5.How long have you been straight edge, loser??: fo' eva.
6.Have you ever done drugs or smoked or anything of that nature? Don't worry, we won't automatically hate you: Well since I HAVE been sXe to the core fo eva, then i guess not.
7.List some bands. Stop at the tenth or twelth one, if you're that eccentric: The Beatles, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, The Format, Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Postal Service, Saves the Day, Green Day, Silverstein, Eisley, The Hives, Motion City Sound Track, Ben Kweller, yeah i could go on forever.
8.List some movies. One or two will do. Or maybe six or seven: Lord Of the Rings (trilogy of course), Donnie Darko, Cheats, Pirates of the Carribbean, Mouilin Rouge, School of Rock, and Titanic because it comes with so many memories of people like Betty and Liz.
9. Tell a joke: Well...I'm eating a laffy Taffy right now, and i thought this joke was pretty great. "What does a pig put on his cuts?" "OINKment." 10. Tell something rebellious that you have done while NOT under the influence of anything: at sidney's house we spray painted the street and the wheel on her dad's car.
Pitchaz. Please post at least three of your face, and if you really want to a body shot just in case you're too fat for us.
And no nudity, please. Prudes, remember?
 I have many, but untill i can figure out how to correctly put them on livejournal, you will just have to wait.

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aww you're cute and i love you. of coure we're accepting you. i'll teach you how to do pictures sometime lovey.